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Les Cavistes is a community of catering professionals specializing in the creation of memories.

Whether through their menu, their wines or their tastings, Les Cavistes is always emphazing well made simple things and the permanence of the classic bistro.

Les Cavistes has been Ahuntsic’s favorite restaurant for 10 years



We are proud, happy and grateful to celebrate this 10th anniversary with you dear patrons.

For each service at les Cavistes, we work with the intent to build this long-lasting and pleasant restaurant.
For each service, we recognize the opportunity we have to evolve within and for the Ahuntsic community.
With each service, we try to do better than the previous one.
Thank you for being there for us.

Our know-how

For 10 years in Fleury, we can reveive in our French brasserie-inspired dining room, up to 120 people in the dining room and 50 on the terrace. Hearty cuisine supported by an award-winning wine list for lunch, dinner and special events.


Our other venues


Since 2012 Cavistes has added Cerise wine bar to it’s offering. Cerise propels, in a relaxed and qualitative menu, our passion for wine by the glass and our friendly tableside manners.

From Monday to Friday evening for a tasty menu, private weekends and soon for daytime brunches.

Reserve your table at 234 Fleury Ouest by clicking here.

Frite Alors! Fleury 

Also one block away from Les Cavistes, Frite Alors! Fleury needs no introduction. A safe bet for years on the street, we offer you authentic Belgian fries accompanied by tasty burgers and draft beers.

An unpretentious place to indulge your frying sins!

Angèle & Douglas

Facing Tolhurst Park, Angèle & Douglas is our foray into the world of ice cream and other summer sins. Open with the spring and hibernating with the fall.

Our wine club

The Liquid Society is the Cavistes’s wine club for those who want to drink ‘further’.

10 arrivals per year that will take you through, the time of 6 bottles, the wine panorama of our private imports and wine collaborations.

Your tasting notes delivered through a playful podcast as light as a Saint-Amour Gamay… As a bonus, a generous soup with each arrival.

Membership as limited as our wines…

Our private wine importation agency

Jeroboam is our importing agency that allows us to represent winegrowers from all over the world. From Austria to South Africa via Andalusia, we enjoy finding and presenting you these bottles that you will find in workshops, wine lists, shops and wine club.

Some of our products are sometimes distributed through the monopoly thanks to an agreement with the Symbiose agency. Contact Louis@restaurantlescavistes.com for more information.