We are proud, happy and grateful to be able to celebrate this 10th anniversary with you our customers.

During each service of les Cavistes, we are working hard to build this long-lasting and pleasant establishment.

For each service, we recognize the chance that we have to evolve within and for the Ahuntsic community.

With each service, we try to do better than the previous one.

Thanks for being there for us.

FALL 2008

Maude Théroux-Séguin and Robert Herrera are working on the concept of what will ultimately become Les Cavistes restaurant on St-Denis Street in Montreal.

2009 TO 2012

Les Cavistes (who came close to being called Amadeus) was intended to be a wine bar with a small, Scandinavian dining room. The venue is a precursors of the sale of privately imported wine to take away with a dedicated shop space and the idea of making wines accessible.

JULY 2012

First Wine Spectator award for the restaurant. Renewed still.


St-Denis and the Plateau going through a difficult period in terms of traffic, the team decides to move into a freshly renovated space on Fleury Street West, in Ahuntsic. After tough renovations, Les Cavistes open their doors with a dining room for 80 people, a private room for 20 people and a lounge dedicated to tastings and groups.

2013 TO 2016

Years of consolidation with some changes in culinary direction, layout of a spectacular terrace, the addition of many themes for our ateliers , the hiring of key people who will become pillars, etc. 

In 2016, we decide to build on our strength and energy to fine-tune our corporate image and improve our communications with graphic initiatives highlighting wine, gastronomy and news. This will be the start of a series of newsletters which now reach over 13,000 people. 

The year where we were invited to open a branch at Dorval Airport. Close encounter… #1 


Robert and Louis-Jacques try out the Sommelier Cup competition and in the process, start a love affair with South Africa and its producers. 

Our Head Sommelier Louis-Jacques Bleau will win the 2017 sommelier battle, an initiative of the Select Wines agency. 

 Plus, it’s our 5th anniversary!  

We will be offered a commercial space in the new Rockland center. Close encounter … #2 


Thanks to our victory in 2017, we are the hosts of the 2018 edition of the Bataille des Sommeliers!  

Since 2016, we worked for months and invested thousands of dollars on a wine bar / ballroom / café project in Chabanel that never materialized… Close encounter… #3 


We are embarking on the wine importation businness with Jeroboam, our agency that allows us to work directly with different producers everywhere on the planet, but especially in South Africa… 

This is a great year of tastings (Seccombe, Marchand, McCallan, Loosen, Miguel Torres, etc.) as we hold more than 80 events that year! 

This will also be the year when we will buy the 234 Fleury West building to renovate and install what will become, after three covid attempts, Cerise wine bar!

MARCH 2020

Like all the restaurant sector, we must announce our temporary closure. 

 We launch headlong into the take-out offering, with a success that will exceed our wildest expectations. 

MAY 10th, 2020

The biggest day in the history of Les Cavistes will be Mother’s Day 2020 with nearly 800 meals served… to go! 


During the summer pandemic break, we decide to buy Frite Alors! Fleury to maintain the burger and poutine offering on the street. 

Whilst Cerise was due to open on April 8, 2020, complex renovations and a water damage force us to delay until the mid-August…We will be active for six weeks…until one new closure of all dining rooms is announced on october first. 


We optimize our online offering for our three establishments with the Launch of the website for pouremporterfleury.com 

NOVEMBER 3rd 2020

A unique promotion is launched to highlight the special US election night. Even though several conspirators still doubt it to this day, it was the offer of the les Cavistes that was victorious! 


Back in containment, we are launching our wine tastings in virtual mode, including a virtual Champagne tasting to clode the year on the 31st of December! 


We dabble into ice cream with the opening of Angèle & Douglas. The first and second summer will be quite complex, but the pair has not said their last word! 


Launch of the Liquids Society, our wine club, updating our graphic identity and creation of the Groupe Cavistes. 

DECEMBER 6th 2022

It’s our 10th anniversary AND we’re planning the launch of our online wine boutique!

And we also offering you an extraordinary CONTEST!

The chance to travel to Roussillon at the different Cazes wineries with the team of les Cavistes.
Departure June 25 and return July 2. The prize includes, plane, transport in France, accommodation, meals and (a lot) of wine… Memorable memories guaranteed!

Participation in restaurant. No purchase necessary. Contest rules here

Vieillis 10 Les Cavistes

MAY 2nd 2086

Launch of the Cavistos II satellite, which allows us to identify the best wines as they are bottled anywhere on the planet!