Wine tasting workshops in Montreal

Sparkling wines from around the world and scotches by way of Spain, South Africa, the New and Old Worlds or several French wine-producing regions: an unforgettable journey lasting nearly three hours.

All of our workshops will take you on a sensory voyage through a special world where our instructor will guide you through tastings of six wines, each paired with its own appetizer.

You will enjoy the equivalent of three generous glasses of wine and six morsels. Groups or couples may wish to extend the adventure with a light dinner (such as two appetizers or just one main dish).

Participants do not need to have taken any previous oenology courses or even courses in the same series (for example, completing introductory courses I and II isn’t necessary before taking course III). What matters is a passion for wine. Our instructors will handle the rest, presenting the history, geography, and terroirs of a region, grape variety or country, and offering tastings of wines that are both representative and original. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the art of food and wine pairing without being scientific or pretentious.

Tastings are given in French only at the moment